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This first week and into next week, we will be finding some baseline numbers for our future cycles. We will still be working on some technique and Oly, but this week may feel overrun with more accesory movements. So rest assured not all weeks will look like this.


Muscle Snatch

-Build to a 1rep

Barski Snatch (3 high hang snatches unbroken)

-2 @ 60%, 2@65%, 3@ no more than 70%

Tempo Snatch Grip DL w/2 sec pause at: 1” above ground, below knee, above knee, launch, above knee, below knee, 1” above ground

-Build to a moderate 1 rep, key here is to focus on position, not speed, and not weight.

-Go at your own speed, nice slow and controlled tempo on the way up and the way down.

-Hips and Shoulders rising at the same time, nice strong back in the first two positions while pressing your knees out, then focus on bringing your hips through for the next two positions. Then the same in reverse order as you bring the bar back down to the ground.

-Once you feel yourself loosing positioning STOP!!!!

Zots Press

-Build to a 3 rep

*if you are unable to complete a zots press, work the movement with a PVC pipe, then we will work a Behind The Neck Snatch Grip Strict Press

Barbell Row

-Build to a heavy 5 rep

*nice strong back during this movement, if you have to start jerking your whole body to get the weight up you have too much weight on that bar

Good Mornings

-Build to a moderate 5 rep

*no one will be impressed by how much weight you are able to move in a barbell good morning. We will be doing a lot of these to strengthen our core. So find a weight that is challenging, but you are able to move with great form. I am looking for you to maintain perfect positioning with this lift more than anything.

Good Mornings

Muscle Snatch

Zots Press

Barbell Row

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