CrossFit Wig Wag – Weightlifting

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Low Hang Snatch High Pull+Hang Snatch High Pull+Hang Snatch

3@65% of Snatch

*Work on pulling the bar high and keeping your feet in place. If you find yourself having to jump forward during the pull, the bar is too far in front of you. If your falling back, you are arching your back to much. Stand tall, elbows high and outside, keep the bar close.

Muscle Clean(from ground)+High Hang Clean(this does not have to be a power clean)+Jerk

3@65% of muscle clean

*Work on on good clean pull, keep those elbows high and outside, with fast elbows through the bar. We are also working the transition point from the clean to the jerk. The jerk will be light and that is fine, I want you concentrating on the set up for a jerk after the clean, so treat it as if its a heavy jerk.

Snatch grip Power Jerk

3×3@65% of Power Snatch

*Working on a strong finish in the receiving position. Punch the sky in the receiving position.

*Use a rack, get the bar on your back with a snatch grip. Dip and drive that bar off your back and receive the bar in a power snatch position.

*Press out strong and fast. This is pretty much a snatch balance, but were receiving the bar in the power position.

Tempo Front Squat

5 seconds down, 2 seconds in the bottom

*Build to a moderate 3 rep, do not exceed more than 65% of your 1RM clean.

* Concentrate on maintaining a strong front rack position through the squat. I am looking for quality within this movement and not weight. The tempo will make up for the lack of weight.

Pendlay Row

10×3 @ 65%

3 max Effort Carries

*Grab a DBall or a Heavy Sandbag, BEAR HUG that mug at about chest height.

*Start at one end of the room and walk down to the other and keep going until you cant.

*Do this 3 times with 3 minutes rest in between Efforts. Grab a heavy weight. If your doing 15 laps with a 50# DBall, get a heavier ball. If your using the big bag and your doing 15 laps……well good for you, we’ll have to get a heavier bag.


CrossFit Wig Wag – Weightlifting

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Jerk Balance


Strict Press+Push Press+Jerk

3@60% of Strict Press weight

2 Jerks w/3 second pause in Dip+Jerk (no pause)

Build to a 5 Rep

*Place your feet in the receiving position of a Split Jerk and do strict presses from this position.

Single Arm DumbBell Row


**Take 50% of Barbell row weight then take 60% of that weight to find your dumbbell weight. If we do not have a heavy enough of a dumbbell add a rep for every 5#’s were short.

Single Leg RDL

3×10 (10 Each side. So 30 total each leg)

**take 50% of your RDL weight, then take 65% of that number to find your DB or KB weight**


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