CrossFit Wig Wag – Weightlifting

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1 Muscle Snatch+1 Snatch Drop+3 Zotts Presses

3@75% of Zotts Press weight

-Just like the clean complex if you can only do an empty bar or PVC pipe, that is fine. Do that.

-For the Snatch Drop. The bar will go onto your back after the Muscle Snatch with your hands in the snatch grip. From there you will drop into the bottom position of a snatch. There wont be any dip or drive, only drop.

Halting Positional Snatch from the Ground Up.

Halt at 1”, low hang(below knee), hang (above knee)

1 @60%, 2@65%, 3@70%

-Same concepts as the clean complex we did.

-If you werent here for the clean day, look at explenation on the clean day. It was a lot and I dont want to type it out again.


3×3 @ 75%

Over Head Squat

8×3 @ 70%

Barbell Row

8×3 @ 70%

Good Mornings

3×12 @ 60%