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Our first deload of this Olympic Cycle. This week we will focus on skills and positions when it comes to our Olympic lifts. After breaking down everyones lifts I think we all can agree our weaknesses our in our first pull off the ground, too many of our hips are rising first. Then a lot of us are not pulling high on the bar, remember we want our elbows high and outside when pulling on the bar at the appropriate time. We also need to bring our hips to the bar, too many of us are pulling that bar into our hips; be patient and bring that bring your hips to the bar. As far as our Jerks, we need to bring the hips straight down on the dip; quite a few of us are pushing our hips back on the dip.

With that being said we will be focusing all of this.

WarmUp complex:

Hang Muscle Snatch+Snatch Balance+3 Zotts Presses

3 complexes at 60% of Zotts Press weight

Barski Snatch (3 High Hang Cleans)

3@50% 3@55%

*weight is based off your Power Snatch.

*you are just dropping your hips in a dip, chest stays upright. DO NOT PUSH YOUR HIPS BACK.

*this complex works your pull and speed underneath the bar

*change your level in the receiving position in each Snatch.

Halting Snatch(2 sec. pause at each position)

Halt at 1” off the ground then Snatch

Halt at the LOW HANG (below knee)

Halt at the hang (above knee)

3 Complexes at 60% of best snatch

*Point of this complex is to be in the correct position as you come from the ground. So after every snatch drop the bar and move on the the next snatch.

1 Rep OHS with a 10 second pause in the bottom position

*Build to 1 rep OHS with a 10 second pause in the bottom position.

*You only have 5 reps to find this 1 Rep STICK TO THE 5 REPS

*Purpose of this is to focus on being comfortable in the bottom position. So you will have to make those adjustments in the bottom position to find that sweet spot.

Snatch Grip DL’s

3×5@60% of heaviest Snatch


5 ROunds

10 Supermans

10 Ab Mat Situps

OHS w/10 sec pause