CrossFit Wig Wag – Weightlifting

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Muscle Clean

-Build to a 1rep Muscle Clean

Barski Clean (3 High Hang Cleans)

-2 @60%, 2@65%, 3@ no higher than 70%

-Like we discussed yesterday, quickness under the bar.

-Use this to work depth in the receiving position. Gradually work your way down to the squad throughout the complex.

Clean Pulls From the Ground


-This will be just like a Clean Grip DL. So set up as if your going to clean the bar, so same movement pattern. Once you hit your launch point pull the bar as high as you can. These can be done in singles.

-This will be done in a Clean set up NOT a Dead Lift set up.

Front Rack Zots Press

-Build to a heavy 1rep

-Same as the snatch grip zots press, apply the same principles. Work down in levels if you are unable to perform the movement in a full depth squat and go down in weight.

Pendlay Row

-Build to a heavy 5rep

-Same principles as the bar bell row. If someone is watching you have full body convulsions while lifting the bar YOU HAVE TOO MUCH WEIGHT ON THE BAR.

-Maintain proper position


-Build to a modetrate 5 rep

-Same concept as the Good Mornings no one will be impressed by how much you lift during this movement. This will be one of our go to core movements.

-Once you start rounding your back. Call it a day.

Muscle Clean

Front Rack Zots Press

Pendlay Row