CrossFit Wig Wag – Weightlifting

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Snatch Complex:

1 Snatch High Pull from Ground+1 Hang Snatch+1 Snatch

3 complexes at no more than %70

-First two movements must be unbroken so stay attached to the bar. After the hang snatch you can drop the bar and complete the final Snatch from the ground.

-Obviously with the first Pull were focusing on keeping the elbows HIGH and Outside. You can afford to be patient in the pull. Stand up all the way let the hips come to the bar. After your hips meet the bar PULL. The weight is lighter so if you need to move slower through from the ground you can on the pull to ensure contact is made.

-Remember to push the hips back on the hang. As you bring your hips forward be patient pulling until the bar makes contact with that hip crease.

-On the final Snatch tie the first two parts of the complex together. PATIENCE in the pull. Wait till hip contact is made to snatch the bar.

Clean Complex:

1 Clean High Pull from Ground+1Hang Clean+1 Clean

3 complexes at no more than %70

-Everything I said about the snatch complex……….do that here in the clean complex as well.

1/4 Front Squats

3×3 @ 60% of Squat Clean weight (this is coming from the rack).

Bench Press

10×3 @ 65% of Bench Press weight

-We know the drill for these large quantity sets

Dead Lift

10×3 @ 65% of DL weight

-If you do not have any numbers for Dead Lift we will be building to a moderate 5 Rep.

GHD Back Extensions


-Obviously we only have two of these so take turns