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Muscle Snatch+Snatch Balance+OHS

1@60%, 2@65%, 3@70%

-Numbers will be based off your Muscle Snatch numbers.

-This is a warm up complex but also skill transition work.

-Squeeze your glutes, squeeze your quads, activate your core. Then drop into the bottom position of the Snatch.

*If you do not have a 1RM Muscle Snatch, take 5 sets to build to a moderate complex*


Three Position Snatch

1 Hang+1 Low Hang+1 Ground

1@55%, 2@60%, 3@65%

-Create the tension in your your body, get your body set and primed while the the standing position then drive your hips back creating the tension into your positions.

-I’ve told you how to create tension, now it is up to you on how to figure find that tension.

-REMEMBER the bar is going to be hanging, not riding down your legs as you go into these positions.

-Numbers based off your 1RM

*If you do not have a 1RM Snatch, take 5 sets to build to a moderate complex*




-Based off 1RM

-Let the work we did leading up to this translate to your Snatch.

*If you do not have a 1RM build to a moderate 3 Rep*

Tempo Snatch DL


-10 seconds up 10 seconds down.

-Stop at the Launch Position, don’t stand all the way up at the top of the lift.

-This will suck, if your being honest with yourself with the tempo.

-Maintain your strong posture throughout the whole lift. Hips and Shoulders rise at the same time while driving your knees out, as the bar passes your knees bring your hips forward.

-Based off 1RM (go off the 1RM that is heavier)


Over Head Squat

12×3 @ 60%

-Break this up into 3 quick sets four times

***3 sets with 30 second rest between sets with a 1 minute break after the third set. Or if lifting with a swole mate, switch lifters after every 3rd set***

-If you do not have any numbers for this, build to a moderate 5 rep.

Zots Press



Barbell Good Mornings

3×12 @ 60%


Overhead Squat