CrossFit Wig Wag – Weightlifting

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Strict Press into Jerk Drop (Jerk Balance)

3×3 @ 70%

-Go off Jerk Drop/Jerk Balance #’s

-As you begin to press the bar drop underneath it with fast feet and a quick lockout.

-Press the bar to above eye brow which is where you drop into the receiving position.

-This is great for working footwork.

2 SplitJerks w/pause in Dip+1 SplitJerk (no pause)

1@55%, 2@60%, 3@65%

-If you do not have numbers build to a moderate complex in 5 sets

-Maintain that strong core high elbows with upright body in the dip. Focus on maintaining position and exploding out of that Dip.


Split Jerk

3×3 @ 70%

-Build to a moderate 3 rep if you do not have any numbers.

Back Rack Reverse Lunge

3×5 @ 70%

Sumo DL High Pull

3×5 @ 70%

Barbell Row

12×3 @ 65%

-Use the same work to rest ratio as we did for Strict Press.


5 Rounds

5 Weighted Turkish Sit Ups

20 Russian Twists