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Metcon (No Measure)

EMOM x 10mins

Odd Min: 4 Tempo Split Squats (left)

Even Min: 4 Tempo Split Squats (right)
Tempo is 4 seconds down. Regular speed stand up.

*pick a light and manageable weight to perform this EMOM and do body weight. You will be sore tomorrow no matter what you choose.


Metcon (Time)

For Time:

6 Rounds

10 Sumo Deadlift High Pull

10 Hang Clusters

10 Overhead Lunges
If doing with a DB/KB, clusters and overhead lunges will be total reps. 5 on right. 5 on left.

A cluster is a squat clean thruster. Today it will be from the hang position (above the knee), you will squat clean and push press out of the squat. It does not need to touch the ground every rep.

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