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Metcon (Time)

5 Rounds For Time:

1:1 work to rest

200m Sprint

12 Sit Ups

24 Hang Clean & Jerks
*Your score is the amount of time it takes you to finish all 5 rounds including all your rest periods except the last round rest.

*If it takes you 3 minutes to complete a round, you then rest for 3 mins. So push yourself during your work periods.

*This workout is programmed for a DB/KB. 12/12 right and left.

If you choose to use a barbell, pick a light weight that you can do most of the reps unbroken.


Accumulate 2 mins in each exercise:


-Hollow Hold

-Hollow Rock

*you may accumulate in any order. Does not need to be all done in one exercise to move to the next.