CrossFit Wig Wag – Weightlifting

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Push Press

8×3 @ 70% (of push press)

-Think of this as more of a warm up.

Jerk Balance (Jerk Drops)

3×3 @ 75% (of Jerk balance weight)

-Lets start from the strict press.

-As the bar passes your eyes drop into the Jerk.

-There is no dip, there is no re-dip, there is only press and drop.


1 Push Press+1 Push Press+1 Split Jerk

1@60%, 2@65%, 3@70% (percents based of Jerk)

-The Push Presses should be slightly difficult, but still focus on that strong dip and drive.

-You will feel some reprieve in the Split Jerk




-I know I have been a little more biased towards the Split Jerk, but if you feel more comfortable utilizing the Push Jerk; please do.

-These complexes and everything else can be easily modified for a Push Jerk. You be the one to decide.

Pendlay Row




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