CrossFit Wig Wag – Weightlifting

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Drop Clean

3 sets

-Complete 3 sets of 3 cleans with an empty barbell or lighter.

-Set up in the standing position. Shrug your shoulders. Then drop into the receiving position pulling yourself under the bar.

-You will change levels catching yourself in a high power position, then in a lower power position (right above squat), then hopefully the squat if you are able to.

-If squatting ain’t happening, then just drop into lower power positions.


Muscle Clean+Hang Muscle Clean+Front Squat

2@70%, 2@75%, 3@80%





Front Rack Zotts Press



5 Rounds

5 weighted Turkish SitUps

20 weighted side bends

-You will use the same weight for both movements, weighted Turkish sit ups are lower reps so go ahead and push the weight on it

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