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Metcon (Time)

30 Rounds for Time:

2 Clusters

4 Burpees over your weight
Clusters (squat clean thruster) can be done with a barbell/DB/KB. If using a barbell pick a weight that isn’t light but not a heavy single either. Something in the middle.

If using a DB/KB you will only do the 2 reps on one arm. Example: round 1 do 2 clusters on your right. Round 2 do 2 clusters on your left.

Burpees over your weight will be done parallel to whatever object you are using with a two foot take off jump.

No equipment version:

30 Rounds for Time:

2 Jumping Squats

4 Burpees onto object

*burpees onto object can be done with anything. Grab a book…burpee and jump onto the book and jump back.