CrossFit Wig Wag – Weightlifting

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Empty Barbell

5xDip and Drives

5xDip Drive and High Elbow

3xHigh Hang Muscle Snatch


3xSnatch Balance

Zotts Press

**Build to a 3 rep for the day**

Build to a heavy Complex

3 Position Halting Snatch

Snatch from 1”+Snatch From Low Hang+Snatch From Hang

****Give a solid 1-2 second pause at each position****

**Each one of these snatches are coming from the ground, so snatch drop the bar, reset and snatch. We work building tension from the top down, but I want you to feel the tension from the bottom up. Key here is to maintain your position throughout the lift.**

DeLoad your bar to 70% of your heaviest complex from today and perform 10 complexes at that weight

Muscle Snatch


3 rep Snatch Grip Dead Lift

**Build to a moderate set of 3. Move at a smooth and controlled tempo on the way up and on the way down. I am not giving any time constraints on the tempo, I just want you to move at your own speed, and at a speed where you are able to control that barbell while hitting all 3 positions (Low Hang, Hang, High Hang). So nice and controlled up and nice and controlled down while hitting all your positions. You can reset yourself after each rep.**


3 Rounds

5 Atomic Abs

20 weighted Russian twists


Weekly Succesory Work

Scap Angels


D-Ball or Sand Bag Static Hold

**Accumulate 5 minutes of a static hold**


**Build to a 5 rep and record it**

Strict Pull Ups


**If you cannot do a strict pull up, band up and do your sets unbroken**

40 alt. Dball or Sand Bag over the shoulder

DB Lat Pull Over


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