CrossFit Wig Wag – Weightlifting

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Empty Barbell Complex

3x 2 Lunging Jerk Balance+3 Jerk Position Presses

Front Rack Zotts Press

**Find a 3 rep for today**

Jerk Complex

3 sec. Tempo into Dip w/pause in dip into Jerk+Jerk w/puase in dip+Jerk

**In the first part I want you to concentrate on a straight dip with the slow tempo then of course the explosion from the dip. The complex obviously wont get too heavy with all the tempo and the pauses, but were working on the position from the dip and the explosion from the dip.**

DeLoad your bar to 70% of your heaviest complex and complete 10 complexes at that weight.

Load your barbell up to 70% of your Shoulder Press

5 x 3 Shoulder Press into 10 Push Presses

Back Squat

10@50%, 10@55%, 10@60%

**This is more for the pump and just to get some squatting in. Quality Squats here.**

Barbell Row

10@50%, 10@55%, 10@60%