CrossFit Wig Wag – Weightlifting

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1 Muscle Snatch+2 Snatch Balances+3 Zotts Presses

-3 complexes with increasing weight

**This will be light**

Build to a heavy complex of:

Tempo (3-5 sec.) Snatch DeadLift to Hang into a Hang Snatch+1 Hang Snatch

**So with this complex we are rising at a slow 3-5 sec. tempo to the hang position once at the hang position (above knee) I want fast acceleration into a Snatch. We are trying to work on maintaining a strong position in the first pull and speed through the middle in the second pull. So focus on maintaining position with hips AND shoulders rising at the same time during that tempo.**

Deload your bar to 75% of heaviest complex and do 1 complex ever 90 sec. for 10 rounds.

5 Snatch singles at same weight as the EMOM portion.

BTN Snatch Grip Push Press

-Build to a set of 5, but do not exceed 75% of 1RM Snatch.-

Good Mornings