CrossFit Wig Wag – Weightlifting

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Empty Barbell Complex

5xDip and Shrug

5xDip Shrug and High Elbow

3xHigh Hang Muscle Clean

2xTall Cleans

Build To a Heavy 3 Position Halting Clean Complex

1”+Low Hang+Hang

**Same concept as the Snatch complex on Monday.**

DeLoad your bar to 70% of Heaviest Complex and complete 10 complexes at that weight

Muscle Clean


For this next part we are going to build to a 3 rep and work on our speed through the middle. We are going to Dead Lift the bar up and Lower down to the Hang Position. Once at the Hang Position we are just going to stand as fast as we can, we will do this for 3 reps.

We are just working on speed through the middle on this and working on making contact with that ”launch pad.”

Bench Press



Heavy’ish (because we dont really have that heavy of DB’s or KB’s) Suit Case Carry

**5 sets each arm down and back**