CrossFit Wig Wag – Weightlifting

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Empty Barbell

5xDip and Drives

5xDip Drive and High Elbow

3xHigh Hang Muscle Snatch


3xSnatch Balance

Zotts Press

**Build to a 3 rep for the day**

Build to a heavy Complex

3 Position Halting Snatch

Snatch from 1”+Snatch From Low Hang+Snatch From Hang

****Give a solid 1-2 second pause at each position****

**Each one of these snatches are coming from the ground, so snatch drop the bar, reset and snatch. We work building tension from the top down, but I want you to feel the tension from the bottom up. Key here is to maintain your position throughout the lift.**

DeLoad your bar to 70% of your heaviest complex from today and perform 10 complexes at that weight

Muscle Snatch


3 rep Snatch Grip Dead Lift

**Build to a moderate set of 3. Move at a smooth and controlled tempo on the way up and on the way down. I am not giving any time constraints on the tempo, I just want you to move at your own speed, and at a speed where you are able to control that barbell while hitting all 3 positions (Low Hang, Hang, High Hang). So nice and controlled up and nice and controlled down while hitting all your positions. You can reset yourself after each rep.**


3 Rounds

5 Atomic Abs

20 weighted Russian twists


Weekly Succesory Work

Scap Angels


D-Ball or Sand Bag Static Hold

**Accumulate 5 minutes of a static hold**


**Build to a 5 rep and record it**

Strict Pull Ups


**If you cannot do a strict pull up, band up and do your sets unbroken**

40 alt. Dball or Sand Bag over the shoulder

DB Lat Pull Over



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Build to a 5 rep. Does not have to be TnG


Metcon (Time)

For Time:

3 Rounds

10 Back Rack Lunges



30 Front Rack Lunges


2 Rounds

15 Back Rack Lunges

Your back rack and front rack lunges should be the same weight. This will make the front rack lunges slightly more difficult but that is the point. Pick a weight that you cannot do 30 unbroken front rack lunges.