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De-Load Week

Empy Barbell Complex:

2 Tempo Snatch Grip Dead Lifts+3 High Hang Muscle Snatches+Snatch Balance+3 Zotts Presses

**Complete 3 Complexes with either an empty barbell or PVC Pipe.**

Build to a Heavy Complex of:

High Hang Muscle Snatch+High Hang Power Snatch+High Hang Squat Snatch (or a lower Power Snatch if Squat Snatching aint your thing)

**The high hang muscle snatch will be the limiting factor in this complex**

De-Load your bar to either 65% of your complex or 65% of your Muscle Snatch. Then complete 12 Complexes at this weight. Try to keep rest between complexes at 1-2 minutes, no more we don’t have all day.

Build to a moderate complex of :

3 Behind the Neck Snatch Grip Push Presses+1 Over Head Squat w/10 sec. pause in bottom.

**The OHS w/the pause will be the limiting factor in this complex**


3×10 Weighted Turkish Sit-Ups


Accesory Work For the WEEK

**This is something I want to add in, do this on your own time, and these movements can be done throughout the week. If all goes well these movements should correlate with what we are doing throughout the week and some of it may just be some extra strength work.**

Kettle Bell or DumbBell Single Arm Over Head Squat


**I want these sets to be unbroken and at a weight where you maintain great position. I dont want you to contort your body to reach depth. Go lighter that you usually would to complete these sets. If you have to use a change plate or even do them with no weight, then that’s how I want you to do them. Work the movement, not the weight.**

Find a new 5 rep Barbell Good Morning

**Remember maintain a nice strong back, once you loose solid position call it a day. NO ONE cares how much you Good Morning, but we do need to update this number.** I highly recommend at least getting this in.

Single KB or Double DB High Hang Strict High Pulls


Woo Flies


Double KB or Double DB Split Squats

3×10 (each Leg)

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