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Today is the first day of our strength cycle. We will still be Olympic Lifting, but we will not have the biggest emphasis on it; meaning not many complexes.

Within this cycle we will have a working percentage that we are working at but will always be building to a heavier single at 10% above the working percentage.

Remember this is not for time so take proper rest between sets.

The working percentage this week will be 70% with the goal od a final single at 80%.

Snatch Balance+3 Zotss Presses

3@70% of Zotts Press

Power Snatch

3@70%, 2@70%+, 3@70%, 1@70%+, 3@70%, 1@80%

**The sets of 2,1, and 1 you are increasing weight with the ultimate goal of hitting 80% for a final single. Have the first two sets of 2 and 1 be between 70% and 80%.**

Back Squat

5@70%, 3@70%+, 5@70%, 2@70%+, 5@70%, 1@80%

Bench Press


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