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This is the last week of our Olympic Cycle. So with that being said if we don’t PR don’t be stressing or disappointed. Our goal is to hit 95% of our 1RM and if you PR after that then HELLS YA. I’ll give you a nice crisp fist bump. Our goal though throughout this cycle was to work on technique make our difficult lifts feel easier and less of a pull, push, and a prayer. If you have been consistent with coming it shows. Keep up the hard work and lift heavy. Be ready for the start of a strength cycle next week which will take us into the CrossFit open.

Snatch Balance+Zotts Press

5 sets to find a heavy complex

High Hang Muscle Snatch+Hang Power Snatch+Squat Snatch

3 sets at 60% of Muscle Snatch


Build to 90% then 5 reps to find a heavy single

3 Position Clean

High+Low Hang+ From the Ground

5@60% of Clean weight

Shoulder Press+Push Press w/ pause in dip+Jerk

5@70% of Shoulder Press


I’m not worried about core during our Max out days. I’d rather have you stretch out and be ready to go for the next day instead of being more sore.