CrossFit Wig Wag – Weightlifting

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This will be the final week of our cycle. Next week we will be having a bit of a de-load week then onto a lot less structured of a cycle, but we will be mainly working on our Olympic Lifting and hammering technique and skill transition.

That being said this week our goal is to hit 95% and to have that 95% feel decent. A lot of you looked very strong hitting those 90%’s last week and the weeks prior building to heavy’s while working your main percentages in. Our goal is not to hit a PR, that is just a cherry on top if we do. Good Luck and have fun.

Empty Barbell Complexes: complete at least two of these complexes

High Hang Muscle Snatch+Hang Muscle Snatch+Mid Shin Muscle Snatch+2 Snatch Balance (change depths between the two)

Muscle Clean from Mid Shin+Muscle Clean from Hang+2 Tall Cleans (Change depth)

Build to a Heavy 1 Rep Power Snatch for the day

Build to a Heavy 1 Rep Power Clean for the day

**Take your time building on these two lifts, do not move on to a heavier weight unless that rep feels solid and crisp.**

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