CrossFit Wig Wag – Weightlifting

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1 Muscle Snatch from mid-shin+1 Hang Power Snatch from Hang+1 High Hang Snatch

2 BTN Snatch Grip Strict Presses+1 Snatch Balance+2 OHS

complete 3 of these complexes with an empty barbell

Power Snatch

5 reps @ 90%

*these are singles*

*You have a total of 3 misses available, so make your lifts count. If you hit your first and miss 3 consecutive snatches after that. You are done Snatching. *

As you Build and warm up to your 90% hit multiple reps at each weight as you build. Dial everything in. Don’t be in a rush to get to the 90%.

Back Squat

5 reps @ 90%

*these are singles*

Bench Press

Find a 10 rep max


Ab circuit if you haven’t done it yet

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