CrossFit Wig Wag – Weightlifting

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With Percentages and weights getting higher and higher I am going to put less of an emphasis on what weight I want you to hit for your last single. But I still want us building to a heavy single. Also if we are getting to the point in which we are struggling and are unable to hit the number prescribed, back the weight off and move for quality. We will not become better lifters and will not get stronger if we are lifting like shit.

Snatch Balance+2 Zotts Presses

3@85% of Zotts Press


2@85%, 1@85%+, 2@85%, 1@85%+, 2@85%, 1@85%+

Back Squat

1@85%, 1@85%+, 1@85%, 1@85%+, 1@85%, 1@85%+

Bench Press



Do the ab circuit from the challenge!

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