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3 Empty Barbell Complexes

3 Snatch Grip RDL+3 Snatch Grip DL+High Hang Dip and Shrug+High Hang High Pull+High Hang Muscle Snatch+3 OHS

Working On Changing our Pos. in a BTN Press

3 BTN Stict Presses, then drop 2” 3 more presses, then drop to at parallel and do 3 more BTN presses, then 3 more presses in the squat

**3 complexes with an empty barbell or lighter**

***If you cannot press in the squat pos. work on getting as low as you can.***

Muscle Snatch

5×3@70% of Muscle Snatch

Snatch+Hang Snatch

Build to a heavy complex for the day

10 min EMOM

*Deload your bar to 70% of your heaviest complex and complete 1 complex every minute on the minute*

Back Squat


Bench Press