CrossFit Wig Wag – Weightlifting

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3 Empty Barbell Complexes

3 High Hang Muscle Cleans+3 Lunging Jerk Balances+3 Jerk Pos. Presses

Build to a moderate 3 rep Jerk Balance (no more than 15 minutes)

**This Jerk Balance is where we start with both our feet under us, we will slowly press the bar up from the front rack position. As the bar passes our eyes we will drop into the receiving position of the Jerk. This is not meant to be heavy nor do I want it to be. I am more concerned about how fast our feet are moving and the position in which we receive that barbell. Don’t concern yourself with the weight. Concern yourself with how your receiving position is**

Push Press w/pause in dip+Push Jerk w/pause in dip+Split Jerk w/pause in dip

10 complexes @60% of your heaviest Jerk

**pause for 3 seconds in the bottom of the dip and explode from there**

Dead Stop Dips

5×3@110% of Heaviest Jerk

**Set your rack and bar up to the height in which you would dip to. So when you get into the front rack position you should be at a height that you would be in at the bottom of your dip. From here stand up fast reaching full extension. Then re-rack the bar. Do this 3 times for a set.**

Power Clean+Push Press

5×3@70% of 1RM Push Press

Woo Flies


Single Arm Dumbbell Row


**You choose the weight, but as reps decrease the weight should increase.**

ex: 50 for 20, 60 for 15, 70 for 10, 70 for 10, 60 for 15, 50 for 20