CrossFit Wig Wag – Weightlifting

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3 Empty Barbell Complexes:

3 Pos. Muscle Clean (mid shin+Low Hang+Hang)+3 Tall Cleans+3 Front Rack Zotts Presses

Muscle Clean (Ground)+Power Clean(Hang)+Squat Clean(High Hang)

5 complexes @60% of your Muscle Clean

**This complex is supposed to be light. With that being said focus on high elbows and quick elbows through the bar**

Barski Clean (3 consecutive High Hang Cleans)

10 complexes at 60% of your Heaviest Clean

**With these three cleans I want us to change the level in which we receive these cleans.

1st Clean should be in a nice high power

2nd Clean push the depth into a lower power while maintaining good foot position in the receiving position

3rd Clean receive the bar in the squat

EOMOM for 20 minutes

3 Power Cleans every other minute @ 70% of Power Clean

**Work 1 minute, Rest 1 minute for 20 minutes**

Shoulder Press

Build to a heavy single for the day, if we hit in the range of 90% or above, it was a good day.

D-Ball or Sand Bag Hold

Accumulate 5 working minutes bear hugging a D-Ball or Sand Bag, push the weight.

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