CrossFit Wig Wag – Weightlifting

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Jerk Balance


5 sec. Tempo Snatch DL to Hang Position into a High Pull+Snatch

5@70% of Snatch

**The tempo is to the hang position, I do not want a pause I want you to explode and work on that speed through the middle of the lift. When I discuss maintaining position in that first pull and being under control that is the focus, then once you get to the hang position it is pedal to the floor and fast. So nice slow and under control to the hang then explode at the hang without skipping a beat.**

5 sec. Tempo Clean DL to Hang Position into a Clean Pull+Clean

5@70% of Clean

** same concept as stated above**

2 Jerks w/3 sec pause in dips+Jerk

5@70% of Jerk

OHS w/10 sec. pause in bottom position

3×3@70% of 10sec pause OHS

3 Rounds

10 Evil Wheels (w/bumper plates)

20 weighted side bends (10/10)