CrossFit Wig Wag – Weightlifting

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We are nearing the end of this Olympic Cycle. This week we will be at 90% then a deload, back to 90, then we will be maxing out.

Obviouslly with looking at the programming for the next week we have some Oly going on so if your going to be doing both classes be smart. Swallow your pride and not worry whats on the white board and ease up a tad bit because you know you have 90% coming up or dont expect for Club seesions to be as smooth as you would like. Just be smart.

We will also be easing up on all of our strength/accessory work because I want you primed and ready for our heavier lifts for the week.

Snatch Balance+Zotts Press

3@90% of Zotts Press

Muscle Snatch+OHS

3@90% of Muscle Snatch



3 Position Clean (1” off ground+low hang+hang)

3@60% of Clean

Strict Press+Push Press+Split Jerk

3@70% of Strict Press


5 Rounds

10 Weighted Turkish Sit Ups

10/10 Weighted Side Bends