CrossFit Wig Wag – Weightlifting

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De-Load week. We will be spending this week trying to dial in a few things before we got into the final couple weeks of this Olympic Cycle. So we will be Snatching, Cleaning, and Jerking every day pretty much.

High Hang Muscle Snatch+Snatch Balance+3 Zotts Presses

3@60% of Zotts Press

Barski Snatch (3 High Hang Snatches unbroken)

5@60% of Snatch

Barski Clean (3 High Hang Cleans unbroken)

5@60% of Clean

3 Shoulder Presses+2 Push Presses+1 Jerk

5@60% of Shoulder Press

Snatch Grip Push Jerks


*Focus here is the lock out. Once in the receiving position, finish strong and press out hard and fast. This is more for Power Snatchers in my opinion, but still translates to those who squat snatch (which is damn near none of you).*

3 Rounds

15 Weighted Turkish Sit Ups

30 Russian Twists (15/15)

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