CrossFit Wig Wag – Weightlifting

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Pendlay Row

5@45, 5@50, 5@55%, 5@60%, 5@65%

Barbell Floor Press

5@35%, 5@40%, 5@45%, 5@50%, 5@55%

**Go off 1RM Bench**

Sumo DL High Pull


Double Dumbbell Shoulder Press


Dumbbell Concentration Curl


Dumbbell Tricep Ext



Dynamic Warm Up

8 Walking Lunges+8 Side Lunges+8 Worlds Greatest+8 Inch Worms+8 Pike Pos. Push Ups

10 min. Assault Bike ride at a casual pace

Barbell Warm Up

5 Boot Strap Squats+5 RDL’s+5 DL’s+5 Barbell Rows+5 Muscle Snatches+5 Muscle Cleans+5 Shoulder Press+5 Push Presses+5 Front Squats

Build to a Heavy Snatch for the Day then Build to a Heavy Clean and Jerk for the Day

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