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Death By Cals (AMRAP – Rounds)

80/60 Ass Bike/Ski Erg Cals

-at the 10min mark-

9/6 Cals EMOM


100/80 Rower Cals

-at the 10 min mark-

12/8 Cals EMOM
As soon as you finish your cals, you will rest the remainder of the 10 mins.

At the 10 min mark, we will begin an EMOM of listed cals. You will continue the EMOM until you cannot complete the listed cals in the time frame. Once you fail to complete the cals, that will be your score for the day…you will rest a minute and then jump back into the EMOM.

You will have a 30 min running clock (10 for cals/20 for EMOM).

Score is total rounds of cals you complete in the EMOM.