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Power Snatch

Build to ~70% of Power Snatch and complete 5 sets of 3.

Squat Snatch

Complete 5 sets of 2 at ~75-80%.


Metcon (8 Rounds for reps)

EMOM x 16

Min 1: 16 Overhead Squats

Min 2: Max HSPU

Min 3: 12 Overhead Squats

Min 4: Max HSPU

Min 5: 8 Overhead Squats

Min 6: Max HSPU

Min 7: 4 Overhead Squats

Min 8: Max HSPU

Min 9: 4 Overhead Squats

Min 10: Max HSPU

Min 11: 8 Overhead Squats

Min 12: Max HSPU

Min 13: 12 Overhead Squats

Min 14: Max HSPU

Min 15: 16 Overhead Squats

Min 16: Max HSPU
Pick a light weight for your barbell. This is definitely a HSPU workout. You will have 8 scores of max attempts but they do not have to be unbroken. Just however many you get done in that minute

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