CrossFit Wig Wag – Weightlifting

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Since the Open is the next 3 weeks we will be concentrating on more skill transitions instead of going heavy. So the next three weeks will pretty much be DeLoads with some exceptions.

Empty Barbell Complex’s 3 each

3 Shoulder Presses+3 Shoulder Presses from Power Pos.+3 Front Rack Zotts

2 Lunging Jerk Balances+3 Jerk Position Presses

Build to a 5 rep Jerk Position Shoulder Press

**Once you found a 5 rep then do**

5@95% of 5 rep, then 5@90% of 5 rep

5 sets of:

3 Push Presses+1 Jerk

@70% of 1RM Push Press

Muscle Clean


Barbell Row





Weekly Succesory Work

Bench Press


Double KB/DB OH carry Complex X 5

Left Arm OH carry w/right in suitcase carry

Double OH carry

Righ Arm OH carry w/left in suitcase carry

**you will walk the length of the floor then change positions, you will complete this complex 5 times**

40 alt. DBall over the shoulder

Single Leg KB/DB RDL

3×10 each leg

DB Lat Pull Over


DBall/Sand Bag Hold (bear hug)

Accumulate 5 minutes

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