CrossFit Wig Wag – Weightlifting

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Empty Barbell Complex x 3

2Tempo Clean DL+High Hang Muscle Clean+Hang Muscle Clean+2 Tall Cleans+3 Front Rack Zotts Press

Barski Clean

1 High Hang Muscle Clean+1 High Hang Power Clean+ 1 High Hang Squat Clean

**If you cannot squat clean make your third clean slightly deeper than the 2nd clean**

Build to a Heavy Barski Clean

3 High Hang Cleans (all cleans must be connected, cannot drop the bar)

**This is only a dip to the High Hang Position, there is not hinging at the hips**

** You decide if you want to Power or Squat, or even a combination of both; but there is not muscle clean in this section.**

Build to a moderate 3 rep 1 1/4 Front Squat

**Do not exceed more than 80% of best Clean. I want you to be strong in this 1 1/4 front squat, maintain that strong front rack position. Once you loose good position call it a day.**

Shoulder Press


Barbell Good Mornings