CrossFit Wig Wag – Weightlifting

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Muscle Snatch+Snatch Grip Push Press+Snatch Grip Push Jerk

5 sets @75% of Muscle Snatch

Hang Power Snatch Doubles w/Glued Feet

*Build to a heavy Double, yes this is connected*

**With the Glued Feet I want your feet already set in the receiving position, I want us to work on reaching deeper into depth instead of star fishing out**

Build to a moderate Heaving Snatch Balance

**If you cannot get into full depth you will be doing a Snatch Grip Push Jerk**

Snatch Grip Push Press

12×3@60% of Snatch

Snatch Grip DL to Low Hang w/5 sec pause



With the new strength cycle starting next week here are the lifts we will be working with during the cycle. So if you do not have any data on these lifts find them this week.

Back Squat

Front Squat

Back Rack Foward Lunge

Good Mornings

Shoulder Press

Bench Press

Seated Shoulder Press

Snatch Grip Push Press (this will be based off our snatch numbers)

Dead Lift

Sumo Dead Lift


Barbell Row