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Shoulder Press (5-5-5 @ %70 of 1RM)

Pausing Split JerK (2@60%, 2@65%, 3@70%)

Taken from the rack, 3 second pause at the bottom of the dip, then explode into your split jerk with a 3 second pause in the split position with bar overhead.

Work on maintaining that strong uprigh front rack position in the bottom of the dip. Then explode out of that dip and catch the bar in the split position, hold that bar above head for 3 seconds making sure your stabilized then stand.

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

13 min AMRAP

10 Clean and Jerks

20 Wall Balls

30 DU’s

*weight should be a light to moderate weight where you should be able to push cycling your C&J’s, only breaking them up to a single set or two*