❗️October Members of the Month❗️ ▪️ Derek and Jessica T…we couldn’t decide between the two so we chose both! Derek and Jess have been WW members since June. They joined during our Belly Fat Blast challenge and both lost a significant amount of weight! This past month, we held an Accountability challenge and they again showed discipline and commitment to their nutrition and exercise and have continued their weight loss journey! We are so proud of them and need to recognize them. Congrats you two! ▪️ 1)What made you decide to try CrossFit? J- We felt like we were in a rut with fitness and nutrition and our friend Ashley convinced us to try during the Belly Fat Blast in June. 2)What were your first thoughts after your first class? D-My first class was a Saturday Partner WOD. I remember thinking that it was really hard and I hadn’t worked that hard on my fitness since I was a teenager. 3)How has CrossFit changed your life? D&J-We are much more health conscious. CrossFit has helped me understand my weaknesses and know the difference between being hurt and being sore. 4)What motivates you during a workout? J-Background music! And also pushing myself because there is no worse feeling than feeling like I could have done more the end of a workout. 5)Favorite and least favorite movement? J-Fav=Clean and Jerk. Least=gymnastics D-Fav=Toes to bar. Least=Burpees 6)Favorite cheat meal? D&J-Mexican! 7)Biggest accomplishment so far? J-RX’ing a couple Open workouts. D-Getting toes to bar. 8)What advice would you give to someone just starting and considering starting CrossFit? D-Just do it no matter where you think you’re at and throw out your preconceived notions. With the coaches and community you will never get at any other gym. J-It’s very challenging and it never gets easier but the community and positive atmosphere at WW keep us coming back.

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