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1RM Clean and Jerk (Total Weight)

Clean and Jerk (1 Rep Max)


Metcon (Time)

Ladder x 8


Ground to Overhead

*200m run after each round

-rest 1 min-

For Time:

Your score from the above ladder in reverse

You will begin this workout with an 8 min ladder. Adding 2 reps to your barbell movement after each run.

Once the 8 mins runs out, you will rest and complete the same work you just did in the first ladder but in reverse. The time it takes you to complete the work is your score for this entire workout.


In 8 mins, I complete 8 G2OH and a 200m run.

My workout for time will be

8 G2OH-200m-6 G2OH-200m-4 G2OH-200m-2 G2OH-200m

The time it takes me to complete the above 8 down to 2 will be my score.

Time cap: 18 mins