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Metcon (Time)

5 Rounds:

30 Lunges

30 Wall Balls

20/15 Ass Bike Cals

*2 min rest in between rounds*
Round 1: Lunges

Round 2: Farmers Carry

Round 3: Single Arm OH Hold

Round 4: Front Rack

Round 5: Back Rack

Intent: This WOD requires a lot of leg endurance. In order to finish you must keep a pretty quick pace because of the mandatory rest periods. Remember if I give you a rest period, I expect you to bust ass for that rest.

**Farmers carry lunge has 2 DBs. OH Hold lunge has 1 DB. Front rack weight should be lighter than back rack weight.

time cap:30mins


1 min D Ball OH Hold

30 sec seated D Ball OH Hold

3 Rounds:

20 Russian Twists

20 Weighted Sit Ups