👐🏼August Member of The Month👐🏼 . Meet Shana! Shana is our resident athletic trainer. When she’s not buttering us up, she’s at her real job taking care of her athletes at Knox College. Shana is a prime example of making it work. When her job doesn’t allow her to come during her regular time, she drags her butt out of bed and comes before work. Hard work is putting in the time even when you don’t have it. We see you girl!! #noexcuses Get to know Shana a little more below ⬇️ . 1)What made you decide to start CrossFit? -I wanted to get back into lifting and fitness again. 2)What were your first thoughts after your first class? -“Holy crap I can’t feel my legs” Spilt squats and pistols were my first workout. 3)How has Crossfit changed your life/lifestyle? -Crossfit has definitely been a game changer for me. Aleks and Maverick have been insightful and encouraging coaches. They give me the motivation to be a better person and put forth 110% effort in the gym. 4)What motivates you during a workout? -Just having the opportunity to workout is great motivation. But also hearing Aleks yell at me does the trick too. 5)Favorite and least favorite movements? -My favorite movement is definitely some sort of Clean. My least favorite is the Push Press. 6)Favorite food to indulge on? -Mac and cheese. Duh. 7)Biggest accomplishment in CrossFit so far? -Getting my Bar Muscle Up. 8)What advice would you give to someone just starting or considering starting CrossFit? -Drink the Kill Cliff. Go into it with an open mind and pull get a kickass workout tailored to you regardless of your fitness level.

from CrossFit Wig Wag https://ift.tt/2zGGy3s

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