⚠️CFWW July Member of the Month⚠️ Meet Maggie P! We are starting out our first member of the month with not only a CFWW OG but a CrossFit OG. Maggie has been with us since opening day but was crossfitting long before she even came to us. If Maggie is not at the 5:30am class, she is framing right here in downtown Galesburg at her business The Frame Works. Congratulations Maggie! Your dedication truly inspires all of us. Get to know Maggie a little more below. 1)What made you decide to start CrossFit? -“I wanted to get stronger and to have a coach to help me do that.” 2)What were your first thoughts after your first class? -“I thought I was in pretty good shape. I was quite mistaken.” 3)How has Crossfit changed your life and lifestyle? -“I have learned how to make better nutritional choices and gained confidence to push heavy weight around both in and outside of the gym.” 4)What motivates you during a workout? -“Getting an “attagirl” during a workout starts my day off right.” 5)Favorite movement? Least favorite? -“My favorite moment is the spilt jerk. Least favorite is the snatch.” 6)Favorite cheat meal? -“Nachos and beer.” 7)Biggest accomplishment in Crossfit so far? -“Getting a rope climb and deadlifting 200lbs.” 8)What advice would you give to someone just starting or considering starting Crossfit? -“Modify..modify…modify. Scaling is not failing.”

from CrossFit Wig Wag https://ift.tt/2GG5ZGC

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